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canada goose black friday Canada Goose Women’s Chilliwack Bomber Coat

Our classic bomber style design has a robust down fill weight that has kept brand ambassadors warm for many seasons.

Shell: 85% Polyester / 15% Cotton
Natural Coyote Fur
The down-filled bomber coat featuring hood with removable coyote-fur ruff and storm placket with buttons
Ribbed-knit cuffs and hem
Four front pockets, two welted chest, and two front flap

Canada Goose Women’s Chilliwack Bomber Coat reviews

canada goose jackets on sale I usually wear 4, but I am looking for a light coat because I will just wear the T-shirt in the coat. So what size will be perfect? Thx
I wear a size 2 or small. The Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket in the “extra small” size was too small for me, so I would recommend the size “small.” I hope that helps.
For Jackets, you would measure the bust! You could also use the waist as well for a more perfect fit!

canada goose jacket womens Canada Goose is supposed to be one of the best made cold weather coats on the market. I can definitely attest to this because I purchase one and it was amazing to see the workmanship. I had to return it because the XS was too small for me; I wear a size 2 but needed some more room when wearing a sweater underneath or layering. I now know what size to order for the future. Canada Goose jackets and coats are the real deal.
I will buy one later in the year but had to return this one because I ordered it was too small and I didn’t know how the sizes ran when I ordered.

canada goose outlet Thanks for the previous review made by Vera so I ordered XL and it fits just right in winter! I’m also 5’6 and about 145lbs. I have a CG coat M bought three years ago but I gained weight and it’s no longer fit. I was thinking getting an L but changed my mind because of the previous review. The jacket runs small, I never had any XL clothes before, but this one fits good, I can wear the thick sweater underneath and don’t feel restrained. Other than sizing its nice jacket. The only problem is the fur looks so uneven and sheds a little. Hopefully, it’s just because of shipping and tight packaging.
Fits really well, great cut and stylish. If you want it to fit snug order same size as per usual. If you don’t mind looking like a puffball, order one size up for longer arms and body. Hope this helps!

canada goose cheap I am 5.6 feet high and 144.4 lbs. Usually, M fits me well. I would like to have a bomber coat which was not too short. That’s why I order this coat L. But it so fits when I am only in a T-shirt inside. Not as large as I wished. The sleeves are right long enough. The coat is very thick. I am afraid it won’t fit when I am in a sweater.

I like the coat, however, it fits very small also in the quality wasn’t exactly in what I expected pockets are very small

Canada Goose Women’s Huron Bomber Jacket

canada goose uk Inspired by our iconic Chilliwack Bomber, the new Huron Bomber marries the exceptional mobility and cold-weather protection expected from one of our most recognized styles.

Outer shell: 85% Polyester / 15% cotton; Lining: 100% Nylon
Interior shoulder straps allow the wearer to carry over their shoulder
Pockets are fleece-lined hand warmer pockets
Heavy-duty, center front YKK 2-way with leather double welts
Heavy-duty, collar, rib-knit cuffs and waistband to keep out the cold
Utility pocket with pen holder on left sleeve
Centre back length: 25.5″/64.779cm
Canada Goose Women’s Huron Bomber Jacket reviews

canada goose sale I bought the light grey, and all indicators are to an authentic Goose, except it did not come in special packaging. I’m 5’4”, 150, 34D and bought a large since it’s a slim fit style. I could have probably gone with a medium as the arms are a bit long and it’s roomy even with a sweatshirt under, but the next closest price in the size down is still $50+ more. Mine did have a slight zipper issue (couldn’t get it started easily when it was on) so it’s going back and I will have to reorder…

Fit my girlfriend perfect true to the size she loved it.

just one thing to remind, wind can penetrate through the place where pocket located on right sleeving if you got the strong wind, like Boston 🙂

Canada Goose Men’s Chilliwack Bomber
A Canada Goose classic in a bomber-style design, the Chilliwack Parka has a robust down fill-weight that has kept brand ambassadors warm for many seasons.

Shell: 85% polyester / 15% cotton; Lining: 100% Nylon
Natural Coyote (Canada)
Regular Fit
Bomber-length for exceptional mobility
2-way adjustable tunnel hood (vertically and hood opening) surrounded by a coyote fur ruff, with an adjustable bracing wire
Two FL fleece-lined high-hand warmer pockets
Regular Fit
Canada Goose Men’s Chilliwack Bomber reviews

canada goose jacket mens I received the jacket just in time for a subzero cold snap here in Wisconsin that included 25 mph winds. The jacket is crazy warm, and the hood does a great job keeping your head warm (no hat required) and the wind off your face. The only negatives to the jacket were mentioned by other reviewers: the storage pockets are few and small, and the hand pockets are placed high on the jacket causing your arms to be in a position that is an awkward, they are not insulated very well (you need to wear gloves) and they are not particularly large either: too tight for me to comfortably fit a gloved hand into. Overall, I love the look of the jacket and it performs as advertised. I would buy it again.

Order a size larger than normal to account for the extra stuffing in the jacket! Warmest jacket I have ever owned! This is my third winter season wearing the jacket!

canada goose jacket womens I have another Kannada goose jacket that comes down near my knee’s and this is more manageable.T he only thing more that I could wish for is to have the zip off fur hood decoration instead of one sewn into the hood

Although I fit the proper dimensions for the large size according to the size chart I believe that a medium might be more suitable. Is it possible to exchange the jacket?

This coat is so warm and fits so well that I had to buy another one this year.I f your looking for a coat and hat that will keep you warm and dry this is the one to get.

I also have the Chilliwack in the Polar Bear Blue so I knew it was a fantastic coat. I only wish the hand warmer pockets were a little deeper.

Awesome jacket very happy with this purchase. Very comfortable. Love the color, I get great compliments, Keeps me very warm

Fast shipping!!!!! Bought this for my son in the Aurora Green color and he loves it! Says the coat is super warm and all his friends love it!

canada goose jackets on sale This jacket was great. Perfect fit and was everything I expected it would be. Unfortunately, the second time I wore it I was assaulted and robbed in a New York City subway station. I was brutally beaten, had a stun gun used on me and suffered multiple broken bones to the face and ear and now am faced with the risk of my left eye sinking into my head as a result of the injury I suffered.

this coat is warm and the hat makes all the difference when I wear this hat and coat combination it gets a lot of attention . I’m trying to pay my bill so I can get another hat and coat

No, I sent it back to Amazon the jacket did not fit!!! The jacket would not zip up at all

Way to small!!!! I bought this for my husband, who has an older Canada Goose parka but it fit my son who is a 2X.

It was a fake item, not 100% authentic I want my refund for both item I purchased thank you

canada goose black friday After years of freezing my butt off, I finally decided to buy this expensive coat. The reviews were overall great with mixed complaints about being smaller than advertised, a pillow for a hood and is not so warm. First I was NOT impressed with the shipping of the coat, surprisingly it was smashed down to 1/4 its normal size. You would think they would know how to properly ship a $600 down jacket. First, you don’t smash down the down that hard!!! Anyway the jacket itself is truly amazing. The fit was dead on, I first ordered 1 size up as suggested but it was too big. So they went down to a small fit much better with room to still put a wool shirt on. For those who don’t know, down is better at insulating when it is snug fitting but not tight. My first test was out in 18 degrees with the wind chill of about 6, only wearing a thin medium weight smart wool undershirt, I couldn’t believe it, I was so warm! The wind was just tearing through the open fields and this jacket took the wind no problem! The hood really is the key in very cold and windy conditions, it gave me no trouble when not in use as it did not feel like a pillow behind me at all and some days, like now, carriers are out delivering at times till 8 pm so 13 hours in a small postal truck with enough heat to keep the defrost going is really a great testing ground as that huge window makes you feel like your outside!! P.S. our trucks are rear wheel drive! moving on….

canada goose outlet The pockets are very small and can hold things about the size of an iPhone. The chest hand warmer pockets are a little high but fall right under the upper chest area, and are usable. The hood is very cool, from tunnel look to a regular hood fit it is very versatile. Tip- when not using the tunnel hood a baseball cap keeps the hood from falling into your face! The side pocket on the arm should have been a bit farther from the body to be more user friendly but you can get pens in and out. The zipper is a bit of a pain to get used to being that its left-handed. The secret is to push the zipper all the way down and then hold the zipper and the coat material at the same time then insert the zipper point in and zip. Belay style zippers have a sweet spot after a few months of use then you’ll be able to zip it normally. Some have complained of the 625 fill of the down, but you must keep in mind the exterior build of the jacket as well. Its a very tough tightly woven cotton/polyester blend that is water resistant not waterproof. Its an outer shell, an inner down containment liner, then the down, then another nylon liner and finally the luxury lining so its not just simply 625 fill its the construction that is the difference. Dry clean only of course from $30-35. This is an authentic Canada Goose watch out for counterfeit jackets seen quite a few on the web for an amazing $280, Canada Goose Web site has a counterfeit detection test to check if your jacket is authentic, a good read on how the fake ones can even make you sick! The coyote fur is pretty cool so far it does NOT smell like wet dog when wet! haha. It is a great wind break and you can only see your sunglasses when in full use! too funny. It’s an expensive jacket for some but well worth saving up for if you really hate the cold, Chicago’s windy brutal cold winters pushed me to get this jacket and so far no regrets and no buyer remorse!!! even better!! I really did love the Polar Bear edition but would have been too light of a color for working in, and liked the fact they donated $25 to the bears even though they charged you an extra $50 for the privilege. So I went with the spirit which is just a touch lighter than the navy. They boast it to be good down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit remember Canada is in Celsius., but I would say in Chicago so far 6 degrees is my limit. Again I really hate cold weather an do not tolerated it well at all. The wind resistance is really pretty amazing though, and even getting in and out of my truck all day the jacket did not ride up too often. They also offer another bomber style if you don’t like the hood but funny it costs about $100 more without it! wow!

Bottom line: Hate the cold?? Save up and buy this jacket, really it is shockingly warm! and pretty cute too!

Canada Goose Lorette Parka – Women’s

canada goose cheap FEATURES of the Canada Goose Women’s Lorette Parka Vertically adjustable, adjustable hood opening, adjustable bracing wire for superior protection in high wind conditions, non-removable Removable coyote fur ruff Brushed tricot chin guard for comfort Heavy-duty center front YKK? 2-way locking zipper Interior shoulder straps allow wearer to carry over their shoulder Storm flap over centre front zipper secured with military buttons Two exterior fleece-lined handwarmer pockets Two interior pockets: security zippered pocket and left drop-in media pocket with headphone access Adjustable heavy-duty rib-knit cuffs keep out the cold Two back vents with snap closure – Natural Coyote Fur Fur Origin: Canada

Arctic Tech (85% polyester
natural coyote fur (fur origin: Canada)
Vertically adjustable, adjustable hood opening, adjustable bracing wire for superior protection in high wind conditions, non-removable
Brushed tricot chin guard for comfort
Interior shoulder straps allow a wearer to carry over their shoulder
Two exterior fleece-lined handwarmer pockets
Adjustable heavy-duty rib-knit cuffs keep out the cold
Canada Goose Lorette Parka – Women’s reviews
Love this coat. I feel a little bad about all of the geese that had to perish for my warmth. The style is fantastic, much more feminine than other CG coats and of course, it’s super warm.
The coat was not a genuine Canada Goose, but instead a knock-off, though it was advertised as Canada Goose. I gave it 2 stars because it is warm and looks nice. But a fake.

canada goose uk Warm… so warm. Very comfy and hood can be cinched down to fit on your head better. The only gripe is that the pockets are a bit narrow and deep so it’s hard to dig in there for my keys if they also have my gloves in there. But it’s great for my Chicago winters!

Yes, the one I received is authentic. It comes with all the tags proving it. The only thing I will say is to try and make sure you know what kind of fit you’re order. I didn’t know there were different fits and wound up with a slim when I really need a relaxed.

Canada Goose Women’s Trillium Parka Coat

canada goose jackets on sale With a subtly cinched waist, sleek design and mid-thigh length, the Trillium Parka are designed to offer the best in extreme weather protection while still flattering a woman’s form. With a classic aesthetic, this parka is perfect for casual days in the city or for an outdoor adventure.

Shell: 85% polyester / 15% cotton; Lining: 100% Nylon
Natural Coyote (Canada)
Recessed, heavy-duty, rib-knit cuffs to keep out the cold
Removable 2-way adjustable tunnel hood (vertically and hood opening) with an adjustable bracing wire and removable Coyote fur ruff
Storm flap over center front zipper secured with Canada Goose embossed snaps
Two fleece-lined high hand-warmer welt pockets and two lower fleece-lined flap pockets secured with embossed snaps
Centre back length: 36″/91.44cm
Recessed, heavy-duty, rib-knit cuffs to keep out the cold

Canada Goose Women’s Trillium Parka Coat reviews

canada goose jacket womens I live in Russia and here is normal weather below -15-25 in winter. It is the best parka as I have!!! Very warm and very comfortable. I am happy to have Canada Goose Trillium Parka because it is perfect!!!

I’m not sure if this is the same problem other people have had, but one issue is that, if the zipper is zipped, it is designed to unzip from the bottom as well as the top. This is sold as a feature but I find it annoying. When I lift up one leg to sit in the car the zipper always comes unzipped from the bottom. But it’s not a huge deal.

canada goose jacket mens I purchased this for my wife as a Christmas present this year, primarily to wear it on our winter vacation (which she did). But given the colder than usual weather this winter around here, she has worn it for everything from snowshoeing (10 degrees F + 30 Mph winds, and she was sweating!) to morning bus duty at school (she never got cold, and was the envy of all her coworkers). Bottom line: she loves everything about it, from the style to the length of the color. I did well 🙂

this park is thinner than I thought.. and fur is falling out easily.
No problem at other.
I think that size is good!

I just received my goose…and it’s the wrong size…plus there was a used dental pick in the pocket…yuk..back it goes

It’s warm as expected, even under a snowing weather in MA. At first, I had concerns about the color, but it turns out great! The only drawback to me may be the length, which is a little bit too long for me. Except for that, I am satisfied with it.

canada goose sale Love the parka! Stylish and well made. 4 stars because the package that it came in. Canada Goose market itself as a premium brand and charge premium price. Parka came from Canada Goose website order comes in a beautifully made box with logo and design. But this parka came in a plastic bag. Quite a disappointment for a premium brand.

I bought it for my wife. She has a small size. But this park was a little big for her.
Overall, this park has a very high quality, warm, with natural fur of the coyote.
Where ever you are you won’t be cold with this coat. It is well made and I feel I could pass it on to one of my daughter inlaws when I die. It will still be warm and stylish. Used it in Maine this winter with lots of below zero with wind and no problem.I was was toasty warm.
Everything about this coat is appealing EXCEPT FOR THE DANG ZIPPER. Others have commented the same. Unacceptable in a product this pricey. The coat is going back. Although I did not purchase my Trillium Parka from Amazon, rather, I went to Canada Goose website and purchased from one of their authorized retailers, I still wanted to review here. I absolutely love this parka. I purchased the Silver Birch color, which is a light silvery-gray that I absolutely love. I used the sizing feature on Canada Goose website, its pretty detailed, you enter in your body shape, height, weight and fit preference and they give you a recommendation – mine was about 90% small, 10% X-small, so I went with the small and it’s perfect (I’m 5’9, about 135lbs). The XS most likely would have fit too, but I have long arms so I was worried about that. The arm length on the small for me is pretty good compared to most jackets because it has that extra cuff. The small gives me extra room if I need to layer, but not so much that its baggy. The fact that the waist has a drawstring makes for a flattering and adjustable fit. The material of the coat is exceptional; yes, it’s a tad bit stiff if your not used to this heavier material, and I understand what others have mentioned about the collar and stiffness, but this doesn’t bother me; I prefer the heavy and durable material, The coat is so well made, from every material to the actual design, it looks great and is incredibly warm. We’ve been having a pretty mild winter so the lowest temp I’ve to work this in is about 10 degrees Fahrenheit (with windchill, about 0 degrees); it completely protected me from the wind and I remained warm while out walking my dog. I LOVE that I can stay warm without layering…I hate layers! The hood on this jacket is adjustable in the back and also with drawstrings for tightness. The hood stays in place even during heavy winds and has the optional fur (the hood itself can be removed as well). The zippers are heavy duty and I haven’t had issues with mine as some others had mentioned they have. The only thing I would change about this jacket is the pocket placement – rather than having the flap pockets lower and the side style higher, I would reverse this, as I want to stick my hands in the lower pockets and the side style pockets are a lot more comfortable for that. It’s an awkward placement. Overall, this coat is amazing quality, functional, stylish, love the color I got, and WARM! Plus Canada Goose offers a nice warranty when purchased through them or one of their authorized dealers. I have never spent about $800 on any one article of clothing/outer gear/accessories, but I loathe the winters in Cleveland so this was more so an investment in my comfort for about 5 months out of the year, so it’s totally worth it.
It fit me well. Comfortable, stylish and warm! With Montebello Canada Goose Parka, previously purchased, I could expect to enjoy
coming winter with happiness. I’d like to express my appreciation to and Canada Goose .com.
I want to recommend this item to everyone who is looking for very warm and stylish Parka.

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canada goose uk I was a huge fan of Canada Goose. My husband and I each own 2 expeditions because we own a vacation home in northern Michigan and we keep a coat at each residence. We are avid winter outdoor people. our coats were purchased over the last few years. I decided this year to get either the Trillium or the Kensington because I need a lighter weight coat. The expedition is so warm it is too hot for moderately cold temps. What a disappointment to find the fur collars have been so reduced in size. One of the most amazing features of the Canada Goose coat used to be the thick, full, wide coyote collar. It has been so cheapened it is ridiculous. I refuse to pay $700-$800 for a Canada Goose coat and settle for what they are currently putting on the market. I really think that they are making 2 fur collars out of what they used to use for one coat. I have looked at probably 50 coats this season all at approved retailers and all the collars looked skimpy and cheap. I want to purchase one from Amazon, but have little confidence it will be any different. I would like to know if other people have experienced the same thing.

I ordered a trillium parka in small, when the coat arrived, it was in the medium. Totally not acceptable!